Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Disgust at charity bag dumping

Plaid Cymru’s Clwyd West candidate Llyr Huws Gruffydd and residents in Erw Goch, Ruthin have expressed their disgust in discovering that bags being delivered to local households on behalf of Barnardo's Cymru had instead been dumped in a wheelie bin - apparently by the person delivering them!

PHOTO: Llyr Huws Gruffydd and Erw Goch resident Michelle Jones with some of the discarded charity bags

Ruthin-based Llyr, who will be the Plaid candidate in the forthcoming Westminster election, said:

“Residents in Erw Goch drew my attention to the discovery of a number of collection bags bearing the Barnardo's imprint. These are the sort of bags delivered regularly by a large number of charities, seeking donations of clothes, accessories and household items.

"There was consternation that someone collecting for a charity would do such a thing, and conjecture that the bags had been left by an individual working for an unscrupulous company operating a scam.

"Once this was drawn to my attention, we checked immediately with Barnardo's Cymru, who confirmed that the bags were theirs."

Local resident Michelle Jones said that she was 'disgusted' when a neighbour told her about the discovery:

"My neighbour has been keeping an eye on the next door property whilst the elderly occupant is away, and discovered this pile of Barnardo bags in the bin. It looks as though the person delivering them has decided to save themselves the bother of delivering to a number of other houses by quietly dumping these.

"It's really quite disgusting that someone supposedly working on behalf of a charity has done something like this. For all we know they might have disposed of more bags elsewhere, and Barnardo's will certainly have lost out."

Llyr continued:

"Barnardo's Cymru were as horrified as we were. I understand that they are taking immediate steps to trace who was responsible for this and say they will deal with it appropriately.

"That someone should do this is dismaying, to say the least, and especially at a time when all charities are desperately looking for donations. Barnardo's, who do excellent work in Wales, have clearly missed out on potential donations here.

"I would ask other residents in Ruthin and other towns in the area to check whether something similar has happened on their premises and, if so, to get in touch with Barnardo's Cymru."

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